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More from the front garden

October 22, 2007


Grevillea acanthafolia ssp acanthafolia (This specimen is in my neighbour’s yard, close to the boundary. We have planted several but they are yet to flower.)

We usually do not water anything in the front garden. It normally does quite well with rainfall alone.  However, rainfall has been scant lately, so I am re-using bathroom and laundry water to soak the ground in the front garden. Our grey water system is me and buckets and as my nephew would say, “I got muscles”. Something a little less labour intensive is being devised.The ground is thickly mulched and by applying it through mulch /stones / directly onto the ground it is naturally filtered.  It waters the plants and hopefully percolates down to replenish the water table.

Needless to say, we use nothing in the bathroom or laundry that would be detrimental to plants…no petrochemicals, phosphates etc.   The forecast, for the next couple of days, is for rain.  I’m looking forward to it.



Rough Bush Pea ( Pultenea scabra)


Sunshine wattle with seed pods (Acacia terminalis)

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