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A box of seeds..

August 28, 2007


The anticipation of spring and collection of a gardener’s enthusiasm. The neat box is thanks to my sister.  Many thanks! She cut out all the cardboard dividers and neatly wrote on them. My system was more …ahem..random, but I could find everything!

She and I put in two seed orders and there was lots of, “Do you want to try this?, as we looked through catalogues so the orders were rather large…full of enthusiasm. It was a lot of fun. Now the question is, “Where are we going to put this stuff?” Some of the more interesting items for us, were the Popcorn “Golfball”, quinoa and amaranth.

Our mother, on seeing one order (and none of the seeds I already had) remarked, “If you two had farms, you’d still have more than enough seed.” Now she’s going to be growing lots of things, she hasn’t before….beets, carrots and the popcorn.  We are popcorn fans.

Were the orders OTT? Maybe but seeds can be viable for a long time and I’m a total sucker for heirloom vegetables. I love the stories…carried across the Carpathian mountains and first grown in the US in the 19th century or grown by one family in Burwood ( suburban Sydney ) since the 1920’s. They are history, sustenance, endeavour, harvest, generosity…..and more.

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