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August 16, 2007


Am I standing in the way of progress… know, with all this conserving, hand-cranking,monitoring, questioning and thinking? Well, I guess that depends on your definition of progress. Personally, I don’t want progress defined by the World Bank or financial markets. Progress to me is achieving some sort of global equity and fairness…..hmmm… I’m sounding like a Marxist and a social justice Catholic.

The progressively reducing is slow. Once you’ve made those first, big and exciting cuts you get down to the grind. Sometimes I feel crippled by the analysis and strategy – my desire to do it properly……and the vigilance. How quickly do these things become ingrained and habit? Second nature without the anxiety!

We have continued to make reductions in all areas. Slow, incremental shifts. We were even congratulated by the electric company representative (I had a bill query) for using as much power in a year as she did in 3 months!!!!! However, food (especially in winter) is one area that is not so easy but I like trying to find local sources for things. Can someone please tell me why organic pasta made in Italy and shipped here is 25% of the price of organic local pasta? Interestingly, I think both are made with durum wheat from Australia.

And on old marxists, check out this article by John Berger ( Yes, he of “Ways of Seeing” fame – cast your mind back to those art school, fine arts and cultural studies undergraduate days….daze!)

An update on Charles and his “I could live on the smell of an oily rag” mantra. Dear readers, let me tell you, that oil is light sweet crude not EVOO! Ha!

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