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Onward and upward @ 4 weeks.

July 3, 2007

Here we are. Small changes. Some frustration. Trying to quantify it all, has been interesting. Energy as currency – that’s my new credo. I like the spin it puts on things.
We are finally getting our gas heating use down – turn off the radiators in the rooms you’re not in, turn it down/off overnight and see your gas usage fall. It also helped that we had a couple of warmer days that provided an actual temperature range 0 – 8 deg C, rather than temperatures that correspond to children’s clothing sizes 0-2. At least we don’t need air conditioning or fans in the summer – I’m looking forward to that.

Petrol – Overall use 75 litres for the month. This represents a 43% reduction on our average use and is about 63% less than average use.

Electrcity 347.2KwH for the month. 42% less than our average use and 48% less than our state average. Switched off the dishwasher. Changed the only halogens we regularly use to LEDs. Shorter showers and cold wash on the washing machine.

We also sold our clothes dryer. We hardly used it (for emergencies ??????) and since the laundry was painted in January, we hadn’t even plugged it in. I felt strange about selling something that is such a power hog but it’s better than it ending up in landfill or the other people buying new.

Gas – We managed a reduction of 25% this week on what we used in Week 3 but this is totally killing me. If we continue to use gas, at these levels for the next few months of winter, we have little hope of reducing in this area.

(Please note, we have since discovered that there is either something wrong, with the gas pressure coming into our heating system ( Gas company agrees that there are problems feeding gas to our area but they are on top of it!!!!!???) or  something wrong with the system/boiler itself .  Either of these things can cause the system to use lots more gas, as it is continually switching itself on and off.  This is why our use is so high.  Hopefully, it’ll be sorted out next week.  The quantifying has been useful.  I have megajoules for the last 6 weeks. NM 5th July 2007)

Water – Average daily use is 105 litres per person. This is a 40% reduction of our average and 70% less than the state average.

Garbage – This is an estimate about 13-15 kgs garbage. Only started weighing the recycling last week. 55% reduction of our average and about 95% reduction of the average. In this category, I’m aiming for zero waste.

I joined Freecycle and listed an old computer. It was snapped up in minutes. Yay!

Consumer – Studies, tap + LEDS….some discounts apply but don’t think we will meet the reduction target. It is however, 50% less than our average., so that’s something.

Food – Finding local sources for dairy is almost impossible but I’m still looking. As winter goes on, will have to rely on food staples shipped from other states. I’m making more stuff from raw ingredients – vinegar, ricotta, mustard and wheat crackers to name a few.

Week 5 awaits.

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  1. July 6, 2007 7:06 am

    OK … so why don’t we get that cow we were talking about … or maybe a goat … do you like goat’s cheese?

  2. July 6, 2007 12:15 pm

    Goat meat isn’t bad and the wool of course is good… but goat’s milk products – there’s a long story there – it involves a bus trip I took as a child in Croatia, after drinking goat’s milk for the first time…pass the sick bag, driver!

    Cow share….maybe we should set one up!

  3. July 10, 2007 10:49 pm

    Freecycle rules!

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