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Week 1 – 90% reduction

June 12, 2007

Last week’s poppies – rumpled but still elegant!

So at the end of the first week, we are surviving. Not that I thought we wouldn’t. My husband Charles, has expressed some concern about my ‘enthusiasm’……. me, a calculator and various appliance manuals and the question, “Which ones are we prepared to give up?”…..non-essentials first.

So I pulled the plug on the dishwasher . It was used once during the week, when we had dinner guests – wine + washing up is not my forte. I know the arguments about efficiency but we have a very energy efficient dishwasher and it still churns through electricity. Not using it reduced our electrical use by 15 -20%….I kid you not!

These are small steps and I think, so far the only thing that has troubled me, is my deep shame about how little I knew about the appliances I considered derigueur.

So the stats are so far –

Petrol – 10 litres (me) + 5 litres (C) – 15L. This is 50% less than our average weekly total and 68% less than our state average.

Electricity – 11.86kWH per day. This is 41% less than our average daily use and about 50% less than the national daily average.

Gas – 323mj per day. This is much higher than our average use because we are heating the house. During the warmer months we use much less (75-80% less) and if can’t moderate it will mean a rather LARGE gas bill, to say nothing about how much crap is being pumped into the atmosphere. The bill, of course, will in no way reflect this!

Water – 143 litres per person per day. 19% less than our usual average and 60% than the national average.

Food – same as the initial listing. 50% local, 35% bulk and 15% wet + non local.

Consumer spending – Nothing bought. On-going tuition/books costs spread across the year would be about $45 per week. This is adjusted to be 10% of that so $4.50. I can’t remember the adjustment figure-damn!

It hasn’t been onerous and really, apart from my obsessive collation, quantification and calculator use, has been fun. Okay, my husband may have rolled his eyes a few times and exhaled pointedly.

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  1. June 20, 2007 4:46 am

    check out the 10% reduction challenge on You might find some helpful info or enough support to keep you going in the long term. Good luck. You’ve already made some good reductions.

  2. June 20, 2007 5:02 am

    Thanks. Will do that. Maybe find some fellow travelers closer to home.

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