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Gloves and vines.

May 11, 2007


One of my sisters has bought a house in Blackheath. A 10 minute walk from house to house. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. She has asked me to help her in the garden…..yeah, yeah, yeah. Did I mention that her yard is sunny and flat? Did I mention that you can use a wheel barrow with great ease? Did I mention the house and the garden are a rather large DIY project?

The front side yard and sections of the house were covered in jasmine ( Jasminum officinale) and ivy – could not tell which kind. The previous owner had removed most of the climbers that covered the house so that now little twigs and browned off remnants are all that remain. I think the real estate agent suggested she do this! These climbers were so rampant ( attached themselves to wooden floor boards, impeded window opening etc) and are not the sort of thing that do a wooden house any favours.

The gloves show the wear of hours of vine pulling. OMG! The thought of jasmine makes my back hurt. On a more positive note, there are some beautiful maples which looks marvelous at this time of year. The autumn leaves were falling on us as we wrestled with the vines. The weather was very fine. I won’t even think about why it was 2o degrees C in May……

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  1. May 15, 2007 3:31 pm

    I feel your pain – I’ve done time wrestling ivy. I think it’s a curse in temperate climates where it doesn’t get cold enough to freeze it in winter, so that it then has to start from scratch the next season.

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